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Monday, December 8, 2008

How to save images from Orkut Albums?

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Since a few days right click on pictures in orkut album is disabled, so we cant not save the images from orkut albums using the save image option, also saving the entire page wont help you. Here are two simple ways to save images in orkut albums.

  • Using print screen (Screen Capture)
  • Dragging the image
  • Using “save frame as” option in firefox
Using print screen (Screen Capture):
  • Open the picture which you want to save
  • Press f11, this will hide the tool bars and gives extra room for the image.
  • Now press the “print screen” key on your keyboard
  • Open paint or any other similar program<
  • To open paint, press (win+r) and type “mspaint” or click on start>all programs>accessories>paint
  • Now press ctr+v and save the image.
Dragging the image:

Click, Drag the image and drop it on address bar. It will be opened in a new page where right click is enabled.

Using “save frame as” option in firefox:

This is a very simple method to save the image campared to the previous one. Lets do it with an example.

I want to save a cute doggy picture. So I open the page in firefox and click on "File"(which is at the top left of your browser) and then select "save frame as" option and save it with the name cute and then browse to the folder cute_files to find the picture.

Save pictures from orkutSave pictures from orkutSave pictures from orkutSave pictures from orkut


chiru said...

cool.. i was using just that print screen thingy until now. no more hassles now on

Admin said...
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